Gas Fuel Gilmore Red Lion Air Pump Compressor Coin Piggy Bank Tinplate Model Replica Loft Handmade


This model has dimensions about 16 x 14 x 41cm/6 x 6 x 16″, made entirely of tin (tinplate, thin metal).

Models are made in such a way as to give a retro effect. Models do not have exact dimensions, as it is handmade every time. We only use metal, no plastic parts, no glass. In most cases, the wheels of cars and motorcycles rotate. Our models are made in our time, but you can be sure that they breathe the time in which their prototypes were once born.

Other models for the decoration of your home, bar, loft, or for decorating your large desktop layout you will find in our shop.



yellow-blue pump not included in this listing


  1. admin

    100% the best .

  2. admin

    Packed and shipped with great care thank you. Love it and God bless.

  3. admin

    Great little replica of air pump station. Looks good on my bar. Thanks!!!!!

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